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IoT & Block chain Enabled, Data Managed Supply Chain Management platform. This Initiative is a part of our industry 4.0 Dynamism.

VHS LogiTech incorporates cutting edge technologies to bring the precision & data science to root level thus allowing Pharma Stake Holders to take advantage of ICT(Information Communication Technology) based Hi-Tech Monitoring, Storage, Logistic, Delivery & follow Good Pharma Storage & Distribution practices(GSDP).

Using our Technology Enabled Data Managed Super Speciality Medications & Devices Commerce Platform, we are serving end consumers(B2B/B2C)/patients across Pan India. Our Technology Enabled 17-Branch offices covers 25,000+ Pincodes across India with help of our partnering Logistic Organizations.

VHS LogiTech have built some Digital Deep Tech Platforms involving the New Edge Cloud Based, Mobile Enabled Supply Chain Management(SCM) System. Ai Based Consumer Platform. Block chain Based End to End Traceability Platform. All Our Platforms are developed to work in a Multi Location, Multi Vendor & Multi User Enterprise Environment to Bring the Effective Supply Chain in terms of Product Traceability , Transparency & Compliance Management In a Global Operation Scenario.

It is designed to help Pharmaceutical Companies, Distributors, Hospitals & other Stake holders in connecting Vital Functions, Elevate efficiencies and assure product quality & compliance. It Digitizes Warehouse/Cold store Management, Logistic/Vehicle, Consignment Tracking & Management Processes.

The Cloud BI Analysis is designed to provide a Nearly-Real Time MIS & Quick outlook to the Business Decision Makers. The Mobile enabled makes it efficient to get into Ground Zero level & 2 way communication. The Result of BI Analysis can be triggered back as actionable insights to different stake holders to take Preventive or Corrective measures.


Our IoT Platform enables to Connect with Multiple BLE, Beacons, Bluetooth Sensors & QR Code or Barcode based tracking mechanisms along with Business Process data from the field level & make real-time data oriented Warehouse, Cold room, Consignment Delivery Automation & Business Intelligence for different Stakeholders which can be integrated for Global Operations.

Ambient and Cold Chain Products requires strict Temperature Control or they lose Quality and Efficacy,which can impact Public Health and Safety. Using our Technology, We are Digitally connecting Time,Temperature,Humidity,Location and Product Information to bring a Digital Transformation for the entire Global Supply Chain.

We are ready for Partnering to protect and control your Temperature-controlled products across every laneā€”air, road, rail, and sea.


Our Goals Through Healthcare Technology
Digital SCM Eco System