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Create Your Online Store with OCX!

Grow Your Business With Our Unified Ready to Use Platform. Design a Website Using Beautiful Themes That Are Responsive & Customizable. Fully Hosted. OCX allows your business to Accept payments, regardless of the country you operate in. Seamless API integration. Real-time card authentication. 24/7 support.

Sell More Online with OCX! Get a Personal Domain & Logo to Give Your Brand a Sharp Look. Save Time and Make More Money with OCX’s All-in-One e-Commerce Platform! Building an e-commerce business takes more than choosing a brand name, writing product listings, and starting to sell products but with OCX you can start a Business Online with Only a Few Clicks!

Online E-commrce Exchange }

Now “Selling Your Product & Services Online” Quick and Easy

In our Customer First Approach following the Digital Transformation Process;

We have built a Digital Commerce Platform known as “OCX” ( Online Commerce Xchange). The Platform Enables Any Traditional Business to Go-Digital, Reach its consumers Online via Web or Mobile APPs both on iOS & Android. It enables customers to look for their needs at ease anytime, anywhere via any device. The OCX Platform provides an Immediate Go-To-Market option for all kinds of Businesses planning to Launch their own “Omni-Channel” or “Multi-Channel E-commerce. It provides a complete End to End Solution in terms of Product onboarding, ORM/Back End CRM, Payment gateway Integrations.

OCX is a Tool or Platform for any Organisation; looking to build one Digital Platform for enabling its Team across the functions to perform respective tasks at the ease of fingertip with Mobility, Security, Continuous, Process-driven & Monitored way of Interacting with Customers as well as Delivery of Services. And grow into an Online Commerce brand.

OCX Platform can be Easily Integrated it with IoT & Delivery Cloud or Other External Platforms  Ensuring On-time, Product Safety, Product Efficacy (for Cold-chain Products) & most importantly with the Capability of Providing the Traceability from Source Till End Point.