Drug Counterfeit Detection

The Drug Counterfeit Algorithm using Our Encrypted QR Codes & Data Analytics on the complete SCM enable our Platform to keep an eye on the Complete SKU Movements in real-time & Provide Actionable Insights for any kind of Deviations. The Mobile Platform enables makes it efficient to get connected with Ground Zero level. These all Data & Information being Generated by Coolgix would be helpful for the Entire Pharmaceutical Industry towards better Drug Distribution & Better Patient Services. In terms of Efficacy of Medicines & On-time Safe Delivery.


. Cloud BI Analytic Platform

. Android and iOS enabled

. Smart Alerting and Notification System

. Encrypted QR Codes

. 3- Layered Protection Mechanism

. SSO Based System

. User Privileged Controlled System


. Detect Product Counterfeit throughout Supply Chain

. Assure Drug Quality and Efficacy

. Brand Protection

. Avoid Export Barriers

. Patient Protection

. Ensure Compliance with Local, Country and Internationally