VHS LogiTech is a specialized IT and Product Engineering Services company offering High Quality, On-Time and Cost-efficient Software Services.

Understanding of Customer’s Business

-Deep Domain knowledge in Hi-Tech, eCommerce and Healthcare space

Breadth and Depth in Numerous Technologies and Platforms

–Well versed in Java based Technologies, Mobile Technologies and Open Source Technologies

Team of experienced professionals who’ve been involved in multiple outsourcing programs

–Comprises Delivery Managers, Architects and an extensible team of experienced developers

Strong Track-Record of solutions and software deliveries

–Cloud based solutions for eCommerce, Healthcare and ERP

–Presently working with Some of the Top Pharma Distribution, Office Décor  & Start-up Organizations


We have developed and transformed EHR systems from Legacy standalone technologies into cloud solutions.
We have a complete understanding for MU(Meaningful Use) criteria Stage-1 for ONC certifications for any EHR system as per the US law. Also, aware of MU Stage-2 and Stage-3 requirements.
Well versed with the CMS and NIST test requirements and specifications.
We have experience in terms of integrating the EHR systems with Dr.First and MD Tool Box like third party E-Prescribers.
In terms of Health care we have covered from Front Desk patient management to Nurse and Lab Ordering and then Creating sophisticated Physician Diagnosis and Medication systems which in turn gets connected to Billing and Inventory systems.

VHS LogiTech as a company has strong domain knowledge and understanding of creating large scale e-commerce portal with Payment gateway integration.

Payment gateway knowledge includes RazorPay, PayU, BillDesk kind of thrid party provider integration.
We are also competent at various web tools like CharlesProxy, FireBug, Fiddler, SeoOptimizer and etc.
We have strong knowledge of making secured portals via HTTPS of 128-bit or 256-bit encryption and URL encoding methodologies. Apart from the standard web tools we have good knowledge of GeoServer, Yahoo! And Google APIs integrations into any portal.
We are also well versed with creating ANDROID App, TAB and Smart phone browser compatible portals(Mobile Responsive) Applications.


We are well equipped in terms of Creating and Converting any Existing standalone or Web enabled system into cloud oriented architecture.
We do have the expertise and experience of creating complete fresh applications for a large set off consumer as a Cloud service.
We do take care of Multi logins, Multi location, Multi Clients like options for any of our cloud development.
Our development process also focus on Data security, SSL, Encryptions as the core part for any SaaS based solutions.
We have experience of Working with AWS (Amazon Web Service), Amazon-RDS,Amazon-S3 ,Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, Rack Space and FireHost Cloud platforms Includes both Windows and Linux/Unix flavors.
We are most comfortable in terms of developing and maintain any LAM stack along with JAVA application for/on the cloud platform.


We are well equipped in terms of managing your Cloud Platforms if it is already exists. Includes both Windows and Unix/Linux flavors.
We have experience of Working with AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, Rack Space and FireHost Cloud platforms
We have the experience to manage entire Linux/Unix based VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) Instances, windows virtual machines on the cloud manually and in automated manner.
We have experience of setting up and Managing any blank box on the cloud to a full fledge production server.

We are well equipped in terms of Creating and Managing provided Infra structure in a IaaS (Infra Structure As A Service) mode.
We have experience of Working with AWS Cloud Watch APIs, Docker, Eucalyptus, Open Stack, Cloud Stack and VM Ware based platforms.
We have the experience to create/convert any provided infra structure to become a Cloud Platform.
We have experience of Managing the IaaS in an automated manner by using or developing applications around the server side APIs. (Vm ware, Eucalyptus ,AWS oriented APIs).


We at VHS LogiTech are capable of supporting the entire levels cloud stack.

We have our own products on the cloud platform offered as SaaS.

We have customer for whom we do manage their cloud Platforms.

We do have customers with whom we Support for their IaaS services and products.

Our XaaS offerings at a high level can be seen as below:
1. SaaS – Software as Service.
2. IOT – Internet Of Things.
3. Paas – Platofrm as Service.
4. Iaas – Infrastructure as Service.
5. Artificial Intelligence.

Cloud Computing
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Technology Competencies
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