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Quick & Easy Way to find the stock in your Warehouse that you’re looking for.

Coolgix is a digital platform with a user interface designed to search for stocks availability in your warehouse which saves time & Effort. Coolgix provides you many details of your stock such as Batch no, Manufacturing details & Expiry date of your product, etc, also designed for constant monitoring and provides real-time stock availability data. Now Warehouse Manager has a comprehensive WMS, which makes easy to manage stock availability. If you’re looking for a way to digitalize your warehouse and want to increase efficiency then this Easy and user-friendly IoT enables warehouse management platform is for you. Let’s have a look in the video how quickly Coolgix find out the stock availability in your warehouse in Single Scan

Remote Warehouse Environmental Condition Monitoring with Coolgix

The Coolgix Platform is designed to solve your most important Warehouse Operational challenges. The system combines wireless sensors and cellular gateways with the remote monitoring system. The results are actionable insights that drive quality control, productivity, and maintain the product’s Efficacy. Now You Can check your Warehouse Environmental condition report at your fingertips
Real-Time Temperature/Humidity Monitoring
Coolgix sends you a real-time alert so that you can take action when a monitored condition has moved outside of an acceptable range.
Product Efficacy Maintenance
Reduce loss by maintaining ideal storage conditions for sensitive inventories that require to keep in a specific environment such as deep freezers etc.

+Temperature Monitoring+

Real-time temperature and humidity monitoring system.

Monitor anywhere & anytime and Control your warehouse and products stored therein 24/7 via the Internet. Receive notifications whenever the temperature or humidity exceeds the allowed parameters in real-time,

Start monitoring your warehouse in minutes with a quick and easy setup with virtually no learning curve.

Stock Management System.
The best Stock Check-in /Check out platform enables easy tracking of products in stock, managing inwards/outwards orders, creating reports to understand the flow of the products. By analyzing the stock reports, you can plan your next purchase of products right before they are about to get exhausted.

  • Ability to locate items with necessary batches in seconds.
  • Instantly accurate status of your SKU level
  • Eliminates the manual work involved in counting inventories
  • Saves cost, time, and effort.
  • Maintain Product Batches

How it works :

Why you should choose Coolgix
As a result of the IoT Enable system, facility warehouses Incharge no longer need to spend hours retrieving data from individual stand-alone data loggers.

This is a welcome change to their schedules, providing more time to focus on other projects. Additionally, the IoT platform collects real-time data and allows warehouse managers to quickly address environmental issues that arise on a 24/7 basis This helps improve operations and business reputation. On Coolgix You can export in a desirable format like PDF, Excel, etc in a single click.

Our Coolgix USPs

  • Device/Sensor Dimensions: 43 x 43×12.5mm.Extremely Compact
  • Bluetooth, BLE 4.2
  • Temperature Sensor (-30c to +60c)
  • Humidity Sensor (RH 10 –90%)
  • 21g. Very light Weight. Fits into Smallest Pack.
  • Unlimited Data Store Capability with SMART Gateway.
  • 100% Software Controlled SMART Gateway.
  • Multiple Sensor Connectivity. Up to 10-Sensors Per Gateway.
  • Wi-fi & SIM Based Internet Connectivity.
  • Over the Cloud Update.
  • Dimensions: 86x81x55mm. Small & Rigid.
  • GSM Quad Band.
  • Temperature Sensor (-30c to +60c)
  • Humidity Sensor (RH 10 – 90%)
  • IP 65 Package.Absolute Sensing. No Green House effect.
  • 70,000 – Offline Data Store capacity. Auto Synch on Network.
  • Flight Mode. Auto Flight Mode. Software Controlled.
  • Flight Safe design & components. Single-cell Model.
  • Up to 3~5-Months Single Battery Power Back-up.
  • Over the Cloud Update.