Drug Counterfeit Detection

The Drug Counterfeit Algorithm using Our BlockChain platform enabled Encrypted QR Codes & Data Analytics on the complete SCM enable our Platform to keep an eye on the Complete SKU Movements in real-time & Provide Actionable Insights for any kind of Deviations. The Mobile Platform enables makes it efficient to get connected with Ground Zero level. These all Data & Information being Generated by Coolgix would be helpful for the Entire Pharmaceutical Industry towards better Drug Distribution & Better Patient Services. In terms of Efficacy of Medicines & On-time Safe Delivery.


  1.  Cloud BI Analytic Platform
  2.  Android and iOS enabled
  3.  Smart Alerting and Notification System
  4.  Encrypted QR Codes
  5.  3- Layered Protection Mechanism
  6.  SSO Based System
  7.  User Privileged Controlled System
Block chain1
Block chain2
Block chain3
Block chain6
Block chain5


  1.  Detect Product Counterfeit throughout Supply Chain
  2.  Assure Drug Quality and Efficacy
  3.  Brand Protection
  4.  Avoid Export Barriers
  5.  Patient Protection
  6.  Ensure Compliance with Local, Country and Internationally
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Our Block Chain Competency
Our Block Chain Competency