As Sourced from: Asian Age reported
India is 35 tanker-trucks short of the blood it requires for medical procedures.

Between January 2011 and December 2015, 63 blood banks across Mumbai wasted 130,000 litres of blood, the Asian Age reported in May 2016.

. Currently, blood bank refrigerator temperature is being monitored manually.

The solution is to continuously monitor temperature of blood bank refrigerator remotely in real time.

Provide real-time alerts and notifications in case temperature goes below or above a threshold limit.

How our IOT Platform can contribute:

  • Identify chronically failing fridges or Refrigerators.
  • Automatic Remote Monitoring & Smart Alerting Systems to inform Stake holders.
  • Remotely diagnose certain common causes of fridge failure using temperature data signatures.
  • Verify fixes conducted remotely or in person by following temperature data closely after a fridge repair.